In houses of worship, creating a meaningful and immersive experience for a congregation is paramount. Our Audio Visual solutions are tailored to enhance worship services and community engagement, providing tools and technologies that enrich spiritual gatherings and foster a deeper connection with attendees. From high-quality sound systems and projection mapping to LED screens and live streaming capabilities, we offer a range of AV solutions that elevate worship experiences and enable congregations to connect with religious teachings and ceremonies on a deeper level.

We delivered the following for St Mary’s:

  • Smart Move double drop projection screen, designed to clear the archway and display the stain glass windows when the projector is not in use.
  • Epson projectors with long throw lens to display bright clear and punchy images to the congregation.
  • NDI network ( Network Device Interface). This allows images from cameras and laptops to be sent across the network to be displayed on the projection screen and monitors for the choir.
  • Live streaming and recording all captured utilising Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to receive the NDI images and produce a professional looking program.
  • Integrated audio capture from the existing system and rehoused all equipment into new racks for audio and video